Dr Nathan Lewis

Educated at the University of Southern California's elite prosthodontics school, Dr Nathan Lewis is a dedicated dental implants specialist.

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The smile designer

With the experience of hundreds and hundreds of implant cases (mostly of a challenging nature), Dr Nathan Lewis is one of New Zealand's top dental implant specialists.

With the best possible training from an additional 3 years at the University of Southern California – “the home of prosthodontics in the United States” – Dr Lewis is dedicated to restoring your smile’s inherent beauty and giving you back your peace of mind. 

Dental implants specialist

Dr Lewis is committed to providing the latest in dental technology, techniques and materials. It's his mission to improve your dental health, boost your confidence and transform your smile.

Treatment ranges from single tooth to whole mouth reconstructions and involves anything from trauma damage to congenital anomalies.

At Smile:Design, dental implants are the focus. Dr Lewis does teeth whitening, crowns and veneers, but dental implants are his specialty.


I’m focused on aesthetics. I just want to make it as beautiful and natural looking as possible.

Dr Nathan Lewis

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